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Longquan No.2 MiddleSchool ushered Canada International Bureau Director Ake Bernard Gen visit

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  On  November 19th, Dave Lee, director of the Canadian BC Province Education Bureau and general counsel of Fee South Bureau of education China market visited No 2 Middle School. During which Mr. Dave Lee made a speech about Canadian high school education and discussed matters related to cooperation , then both sides signed a memorandum of cooperation.


 [President Jiang, Jiang director of international department and foreign guests Photo]


   In the afternoon, Mr. Dave gave a special speech about Canadian high school education. The meeting was hosted by Jiang Zhibin, Director of the International Department of the school. All the English teachers and students representatives from Senior 1 and Senior 2 attended the lecture.

First Mr. Dave gave a brief introduction of Canadian present geography, history , culture and economy. Then, he mainly introduced Canadian education, including junior high school and senior high school.


 Dave give lectures on middle school education in Canada


    The students present at the meeting asked Mr. Dave many questions that appealed to  them politely and actively in fluent English. and in spite of the fact that there were many questions, Mr. Dave answered them patiently one by one .


From the ask and answer questions, we can see the students in No. 2 Middle School had a strong desired to study abroad and they were eager for foreign culture.


 Longquan No.2 Middle School Students with Dave


    Finally, the cooperation memorandum signing ceremony between Okanagan Education Bureau and No,2 Middle School was held. President Jiang and Dave Mr. Lee made a conversation about "junior high school students will conduct habits training course" and "high school with international class" projects. The conversation was done in a friendly atmosphere.


The talk laid a solid foundation  for future cooperation between both sides



 jointly plan


Dave Mr. Lee’s visit as well as the fact that both sides signed the memorandum of cooperation, opened up broader international perspective for No.2 Middle School students, further broadened the internationalization of Longquan No.2 Middle School Education Road, making the process of international school education a step forward again.



  two sides signed a memorandum of cooperation



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