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Students from Longquan No.2 middle school went to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu to participate in "

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In order to have personal experiences of the true state of international education and a close understanding of American education and culture, 30 students in Grade One and Two from Longquan No.2 middle school went to the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu to participate in "American education week" theme activities on the afternoon of November 18th,2014.


During this "American Education week" activities, Mrs. Cindy, from "Education USA" institutions of the U.S. embassy in Beijing, introduced the education system and admissions features of American high school and university in detail, and explained the differences between Sino-US Education, especially those between higher education. Meanwhile, she also proposed some targeted learning and preparing recommendations for  the students who intend to study in the USA.


In addition, as for the reality that there are many students intending to study in the USA, David, official from the US consulate in Chengdu , popularized the knowledge on visas for all teachers and students present as well. Not only did he interpret the new policy that the visa can be extended to 10 years, but also provided people present with some useful information about how to prepare the visa materials and how to get a visa smoothly by making the visa officer moved and so on.


In the activity, teachers and students from Longquan No.2 middle school also exchanged the ideas which they were interested in with the officials both from American embassy in Beijing and the U.S. consulate in chengdu.


This activity is a very good platform to have a better understanding of the United States education and it also offers a good chance to get some information related to studying in the United States. The activity not only opens a window for students to understand the international education and culture, but also paves the way for students intending to study abroad in the future.


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