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Brief introduction of Longquan No.2 High school

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Longquan No.2 High school is formally approved the establishment of a full-time ordinary senior high school by the board of education in 1989.It is located in the hinterland of Bei Quan Road No. 178 ,Longquan,Chengdu,the state-level economic and Technological Development Zone.The campus covers an area of 75 acres; the total number of staff is 325, there are 265 teachers on the teaching in the series (including senior teacher 43, intermediate teacher of 117), more than 3000 students.

  Longquan No.2 High school is a pilot school in Chengdu educational system reform, the art senior high school of Longquanyi District, the sunshine sports demonstration school of Chengdu, and the characteristics of art education school of Chengdu.In 2010, the President Jiang Yong as the core of the new team put forward a school-running idea “create a characteristic school, do a comprehensive high school”, and the school has been builtthe art senior high school, which works for “the service in Longquan, the radiation in Chengdu,the orientation in Sichuan, the influence of the southwest" through the 3 - 5 years of efforts.At present, the professional categories of our school art education are complete, and they develop well, especially in the teaching of music, PE, art and so on.

In recent years, my school has been transported more than 600 art talents to Fudan University, Xiamen University, Jinan University, Chongqing University, Jilin University, Southwestern University, Yunnan University, Shaanxi Normal University, Sichuan Fine Art Institute, Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu Sport University and other colleges and universities. As a result, the school's social reputation and imagination have been greatly improved.


  The school started the internationalization of education work, and the school-running idea “create a characteristic school, do a comprehensive high school” is being rich in the March 2013. Though our education internationalization work started late, the development was still rapid.At present, the school has opened the Italian language and culture, language and culture of Korea, the Russian language and culture, the French language and culture, Singapore "O" level courses and five optional courses. Meanwhile, our school has also carried out the international exchange activitiesextensively more than 10 times with the Italy Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Accademia Di Belle arti DI ROMA, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Foggia Flosi Nor Hei of Pavia National Conservatory of music, the Turin School of music, the Lecce School of music world famous art college and Singapore Bacon International College, Jeonju University, North Korea University, Wonkwang University and other foreign comprehensive university.At the same time, our studying abroad work has hit a record high. So far, there have been7 High 2014 graduates students to USA, Canada, Italy, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and other countries to study abroad.In the future, we will uphold the education conscience, bear the social responsibility, and train much more people in our school with international vision, familiar with international rules, and walking to the world.

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