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Longquan No.2 hold art class teacher Liu Wenjun lecture

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      On the afternoon of November 10, Liu Wenjun, a famous arts teacher of special grade of Qiong lai county, gave a wonderful speech at our school. All the school leaders and arts teachers attended the lecture.


To explore the road of Art Education

Liu Wenjun is an art teacher of Xijie primary school of arts in Qionglai and one of the five arts teachers of special grade who are at their posts. He has been devoting himself to the research of arts teaching for the country students.


Reproduced true to life likeness of Art

Teacher Liu Wenjun "products title local flavor, smell fragrant soil", gave a special lecture for Longquan No.2 Middle School Art teacher. He mainly unifies own experience, profound interpretation of what is called the "art comes from life". He tells the story of how to guide students in their familiar side of the production, the scene of life is the theme of the creation. How to put the classroom to be returned to the students, give students more fun, fun art activity, let the students learn to study, think and create.


Students' works of Teacher Liu: Bamboo Root Art (Pastoral)】


  In the lecture, the teachers not only in the "listen", also "do". We experience the fun of clay sculpture, experience of art comes from life. We deeply felt, in the usual teaching, according to the actual life, arouse the student's creative enthusiasm, give full play to the imagination of students, to stimulate students' potential for artistic creation

"Play" Art
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