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Longquan No.2 Senior High School won the third prize in the singing with actions competition.

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On November 8th, the singing with actions competition of the teaching and administrative staff called Staff Sentiment ·Education Dream was held by the Education Bureau and the Teachers’ Union of Longquanyi District. The teachers from Longquan No.2 Senior High School shocked all the audience by singing the famous aria Drinking Song from La Deme Aux Camelias and won the third prize by the high score of 9.85 in the competition.


The perfect combination of performance and singing


There were 52 teams from different elemetary, middle and high schools participating in the competition. As Longquan No. 2 Senior High School is the school characterized by art and physical education, the leaders paid high attention to the competition and formed a participative team of 10 music teachers. Mr. Ding Ning and Miss. Huang Surong were in charge of the lead singers.


The stage show art style


In order to obtain a good result and show the characteristics of Longquan No. 2 Senior High School in the competition, the music teachers raced against time. Besides their regular teaching tasks, they spent much spare time on the tiring rehearsal, specially the two lead singers. La Deme Aux Camelias is an Italian opera, so Mr. Ding, who once studied music in Italy, not only practiced his own part of the opera, but also taught other teachers to sing their parts in Italian.


Nervous and orderly ground practice


Thanks to their perfect artistic skills and selfless dedicated spirit, they beat the competitors from other schools and won the third prize by high scores in the singing with actions competition. They also made a contribution to the development of characteristic teaching in Longquan No. 2 Senior High School


President Jiang and compassionate teacher photo


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