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Welcome professor Vincenza Solazzo in Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce

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Italy famousartist professor Vincenza Solazzo visited The Second School of Longquan in the afternoon of December 7th .Her visit is mainly to guide  art teaching.



Communicating with teachers and students

 After vistiting the school art studio, Professor Solazzo views the training situation of Senior 3 students and communicates with art teachers. Then she gives a lecture showing some art works of students in Accademia di Belle Arti di Lecce and herself. At the same time, she gives some recommendations to the students and encourages them to create their own style. She started painting from five pm, which lasted more than four hours. At nine at night the entire work is completed.


Commenting paintings

Vincenza Solazzo,professor of painting and official representative in Lecce, participates and chaired many large-scale seminars on cultural and historical study of art. She makes great achievements in painting techniques and contemporary art practice areas over the years. Also in Lecce, Milan, Bari, Avellino and other cities she held several solo exhibitions and educational exhibitions.




 Professor Solazzo owns superb artistic skills and brings modern art concepts which enhance the arts majors artistic accomplishments and broaden their international perspective.



Photo with director of Internatinal Division,Mr Jiang


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