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A party's mass line education practice summary meeting in No.2 Middle School

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On November 3 afternoon, held the party's mass line in  No.2 Middle School  education practice summarizes the general assembly.Bureau of education steering group, vice director of office of bureau of pudding comrades attended the meeting, the school all the staff to participate in the meeting.Meeting shall be presided over by school vice secretary of party Tang Heng comrade.


Conference, party secretary of the school, the principal comrade Jiang Chong titled "consolidate education practice new achievements, accelerate the arts body features rapid development of the project report.He pointed out in the report, the school in the bureau of the party group, under the strong leadership of the bureau under the guidance of the party to supervise a group of concerned, adhere to the education practice activities as a major political task, with highly conscientious and careful attitude, closely around the "look in the mirror, is clothes, have a bath, therapy" the general requirements, in-depth practice "three solid steady tightening," worship the end thereof as a beginning, continuous effort.President jiang also from concrete from the ideal faith education, the problem of "four winds" improvement, development of special education and the school from five aspects analyzes the party's mass line education practice since the results obtained.


  President jiang also further pointed out that the schools in the future to surrounding the attitude construction new results, new measures for the governing party, this theme to build practical incorruptible "new normal" for the people, do different people's satisfactory education to strengthen, in a new starting point to keep and develop the party's advanced nature and purity.





Tang for schools to carry out the party's mass line, director of the education practice gave high evaluation.He points out that the mass line of education practice, obtained the school attaches great importance to the leadership, the school party member comrade and staff actively participate in, always adhere to the "three high steady tightening standards, has obtained the remarkable result.Positive as main leaders of school, have the courage to bear, give play to the role of an example for demonstration.The masses reflect problems are well, got the support of the staff and support staff.School democratic life meeting deeper, go through, not partial, not empty, sincerely.Finally, he also work in the future for the school to carry out three Suggestions are put forward.One is to strengthen the thought construction, pays special attention to the teachers' party spirit education and the ideal faith education;Second, building rules and regulations to pay special attention to the work, pays special attention to the attitude construction norm;Three is to adhere to the people-oriented, practice the mass line.


President jiang finally stressed: although the end of the group of teaching activities, but its content and spirit is not over.He encouraged teachers especially party member comrade in the future work continuously carry forward, constantly enrich, arts body characteristics of the rapid development of the education for the school to make a greater contribution.

  After the meeting, the school party committee, executive leadership, union members, each department director, grades, teaching and research group leader, teaching acting meeting to represent and other party and non-party people on behalf of a total of 80, overall effect for schools to carry out the mass line education practice, leadership and team members and solve the problem of "four winds" outstanding situation, solve the problem of education the enhancement of the situation and the situation to solve the problem of ethics strengthen are evaluated.By all accounts, the school to carry out the party's mass line education practice effect is good, effective,but also to promote the work style construction of the normalized constructive opinions and Suggestions are put forward.

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