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Long Quan No.2 Middle School undertake Long Quanyi first bicycle riding for adults

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Longquanyi district on October 31, the first bike rite cycling activities held in our school. The event was hosted by the communist youth league longquanyi district bureau of education committee, to undertake in our school, giant company sponsorship. District bureau of education, school leaders and part of the teachers attended the opening ceremony of the rite. From our high school, 99 students of grade three students and their parents took part in the activity.



Adult oath: youth into the door


At nine o 'clock in the morning, the official start of the activity. In adult oath, students, parents gifts delivered dream letters and read "the virtue of four word poem" link, at nine, under the guidance of the teacher the longquanyi district first bike riding adult ceremony. The classmates all along the post road, south lane, three SAN township, egret bay wetland park, lotus pond moonlight, Cheng Long avenue, century avenue ride a circle, then back to the starting point of Long Quan No.2 Middle School, reach the "adults", the 35 km.


Warm up before: be prepared without problems


Rite is the age-old GuLi, this is a kind of etiquette of life, is to admit that young people have the ability to enter social life etiquette and qualifications.Bicycle rite through hours of bicycle riding, let the students experience the physical and spiritual discipline, feel your growth and realize their own responsibility, clear the rights and obligations of society has.



Start: good adults walk



  The event was held at longquanyi district for the first time the adult ceremony activities, the school attaches great importance to the leadership.In order to make sure this activity smoothly, the school made a lot of preparation. Strictly select students participate in cycling, and the pertinent education and training.In the riding process, polite, orderly classmates, help each other, mutual cooperation, eventually all the members are riding on a task, successfully completed the entire show the good quality and as an adult students for the mature and bear.


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