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Long Quan No.2 Middle School held the junior middle school teaching job meeting

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    On October 27th afternoon, Long Quan No.2 Middle School held the junior middle school teaching job meeting. The meeting invited the district bureau of education base teaching second division deputy section chief shi-cai li analysis and guidance to junior high school teaching work. School staff members and the junior middle school teachers attended the meeting.


During the meeting, section li to the calm thinking strategies Strengthening management, continued to remain high in Long Quan No.2 Middle School education development, the junior high school teaching carried on the thorough analysis.He mainly from recent annual examination of junior middle school and the final exam achievement, from the target completion, distinction performer and poor student, A roll grades and subjects effectiveness four aspects has carried on the comparison and analysis. Through the analysis of section li pointed out that, in general, Long Quan  No.2 Middle School teaching "is the general trend in the region. The leading quality repeatedly is normal fluctuations".



The analysis of the real problem


In the light of the actual situation of junior middle school teaching, combining the dynamic of the education reform, guide the section li put forward the corresponding Suggestions.First of all, teachers should overcome the job burnout, this is the key to improve the teaching quality.Second, strengthening the management of education is to improve the teaching quality of propellant, to pay special attention to students' behavior education.At the same time, we will deepen reform of the classroom is to improve the teaching quality of main channel, asked the teacher to determine the appropriate level and change the teaching methods, to carry out the individual counseling.In addition, improve the internal management is to improve the teaching quality safeguard, director of each grade to overall coordination.



Attentive listening


During the meeting, deputy director of the school for junior middle school teaching guidance place He Dan teacher, also from the microscopic to junior high school grades and condition are analyzed, she all grades are analysed in detail on the situation, each period and each discipline.
This year is the "classroom" and longquan two ZhiLiangNian "teaching", the meeting is one of the series of activities revolves around this topic.We believe that the meeting by scientific analysis and put forward feasible measures, to promote the school teaching quality and efficiency.

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