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Longquan II ushered in the new year opened a new journey

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Golden September, Fragrant Osmanthus. No.2 Middle School met a new term on the 1st day in September, starting a new journey.

New term,new look——The school leaders are meeting the

teachers and students at the school gate in the little rain.

On the early morning of September 1, the school leaders, the duty teachers and duty students met the teachers and students

in the little rain. The quiet campus has recovered the

familar vigor again. With the new teachers and students

coming,the shool has been added some new energy.

【Close to classes——Mr Jiang,the headmaster, and the other

leaders are patrolling classes.

Mr Jiang,the headmaster, and the other

leaders  patrolled classes when the Morning Reading began.

Warm-hearted Encouragement and Nice Wish——Mr Jiang,

the headmaster is giving a speech in the opening ceremony.

  At 8:40 a.m.,the school had a short but grand opening ceremony. Mr Jiang

gave a nice speech. He retrospected something important about last term, and looked forward to the future of the school. During the new year, he pointed

out, we should make great efforts to be famous teachers, to train famous

students, also gave teachers and students some useful suggestions and hope. At last, He encouraged everybody: Our school will be great, our future will be

wonderful, Come on, everyone! The new term, we are coming!

Fly the dream, Hold on the youth----Two students from Grade 3 are making promises to the school.


Looking back on the past, we were excellent. However, looking forward to the future, we’ll have a long road to walk. New term is coming, new journey is coming too, we believe our school will be better and better because the school has all of you, excellent you!

Confident smile——some rewarded teachers and students

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