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Health education, adolescence growing wings

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    A resistance experienced insurance million can stream flowing into the sea, a seed to break through the layers of darkness in order to soak up the Sun, one can only continue to endeavour to play a life song.


Bumpy road to face life, hardships and dangers, and Rabindranath Tagore did not yield: Kiss me pain in the world, I want to give back to the songs. This is strong over the life of the life of Defiance.


Who is in a modified his music over and over again?


Who continue to forge ahead in a hardship?


And who, someone are endless combat with strain, holding hands in the deaf world music?


His Beethoven, God has taken away his hearing, he was with perseverance and passion for music, dancing on the keys of his value. His dedication, his courage to try, so that his music is timeless.


Who is a person hiding in the dark corners?


Who alone imposed upon himself by swallowing bitter?


Who are a people were burdened with castration by a great disgrace to constantly forge ahead?


He, Sima Qian. Face of shackles, chains and dank prison, his mouth formed a contempt, his face filled with determination, on the death penalty without a look. He used a pen to write the life of earth-moving poem, submitted a satisfactory answers in life to the world of the historian, which was later known as the Swan Song of the historian, immortal works of blank lament. Leave a light footprint in the literary world.


Who is dancing in the puzzled look in?


Who is in the fight to win numerous applause?


Who are dancing in light and shadow, turned out the most perfect curve in life?


Are they a group of deaf dancers. They feel the music world of sounds, unable to swim in the music world, but their body and mind to feel the music flows, Olympic Paralympic arena show with great tenacity of life to millions of people. They succeeded, they sublimate in the light and shadow, turned all of the meaning of life.


France famous 19th century romantic writer Alexandre Dumas (Dumas) have such a description in his book: he finally stood up from the hail of bullets, stroked the bleeding body of a good laugh, and thank God I could actually feel the pain. Pain is really good, it tells me that I'm still alive, still life and hope. Impossible to smooth the path of growing, growing life impossible without scars, can erase the scar is only the courage to forge ahead, dare to forge ahead.


For life's tribulations, we cannot retreat, only to continue to forge ahead in daily life in the spirit, before we could make our lives bloom CLS.


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