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Say goodbye to the childhood Do a knowing law-abiding teenagers

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——A ceremony held at 2014 fourteen law-abiding, No.2 Middle School activities


In order to make the children understand the importance of law-abiding, on May 29, 3:30 in the afternoon, the first grade in No.2 Middle School all the teacher in charge, student representatives, a total of more than 200 people, on the ground floor conference room of the student affairs office attended the school organization "a farewell to childhood do knowing law-abiding teenagers" - 2014 in No.2 Middle School fourteen law-abiding ceremony activities.


Activities in junior high school political teachers qiong-ying liu teachers explain the reality of the case.Liu case with a witty language and vivid reality, let the students understand the law is a double-edged sword, if you obey the law will escort for your wish, if you go against, the law will give you a serious punishment.After realize the importance of the law, the new moon, the students of class seven representative Wang Jing d. a titled "a farewell to childhood do knowing law-abiding teenagers" speech, advocate the students start from the follow the traffic rules, civilization exchanges with classmates, do a good citizen to obey the law, observe the law, dharma.Then, the teacher in charge to students on behalf of li yong teacher's note: I hope the students grasp the beautiful youth time, make a positive enterprising, dare to bear, grateful, civilized and ritual in a new era of good students, good boy, good citizens.Then, all the students attending the school student affairs office PuJinLi under the guidance of the teacher, solemnly swear, determined to do a good law-abiding citizens.


The development of this activity, students growing in the hearts of the impression has been etched deeply in accordance with the law, obey the law.


Knowing law-abiding solemn oath



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