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All for one new characteristic school

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As it indicated in National medium and long-term plan for education reform and development, Promot the development of diversification of high school including school system and training mode, Meet the development needs of different potential students, Encourage the ordinary high school to be of characteristic style, and so on. In October 2010, we proposed the plan to run a comprehensive senior high school  with characteristic.


·           Recently, our Art and sport Features Education is under close attention of the Party committee and the  government t of Longquanyi district which support us strongly. Now, our school becomes  reform experimental school of ChengDu educational system. We are named the Artistic features school  and Sunshine Sportsdemonstration school by the  Education Bureau of Chengdu in 2012.


·            Art and sport Features Education in our school developed rapidly in recent years with the hard work of all the members. The education scale expands because of the innovation and practice. There are more than 800 art and sport students in our school now. The students in our school are better and better. 90 percent our art and sport students can enter the college. Ourcharacteristic educationInvolved art, sport, music, direct, boardcasting, host,fashion show, drama and performance. The students can choose their favourite clubs in school, such as instrument, handwriting, sport and so on. Our school bass band is the highlight in many occasions.


·            Our team of teachers are professional and excellent come from some top school. Some of them are graduated from first-class normal university in China. Teachers from some universities including Sichuan Normal University  are invited to give lectures to our students in order to broaden their horizon. It does great good to our education.


·            We put huge number of money into facilities and equipment. Now , the students can use 25 pianos and  a complete set of wind instruments. All kinds of sports facilities are available. Such as Basketball Court, volleyball court and badminton court. plastic racetrack in our playground always the popular place for our students.


·          To run a new characteristic school is our goal, Some achievements were obtained in the process. Especially in 2012 college entrance examination, we achieved a surprising success. 164 art and  sport students were admitted by undergraduate collegecolleges. 83 of them were admitted by B-level colleges. We won the prize of teaching qualities. We broke the record in 2013. 90 percent of our art and sport students are above the entry score . So many students achieved their dreams in the campus,Admitted by the famous college.


·             They are dreams of the guys, of the families and the society.  It ‘s the goal of our school, it’s our  responsibility. For it , all we can do are  underway.


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