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Longquan No.2 Middle School International Department

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On April 18, 2014, the world famous violinist ELIO ORIO, world famous pianist ALBERTO BOISCHIO  guide the teaching of music major in our school work.



Elio Orio, world famous violinist, Italian Adriatic music director of the institute,the founder of the Asti symphony orchestra and tour around the world many times and award-winning violin awards at home and abroad.





Alberto Boischio, world famous pianist. He participated in the Italian national and international piano competitions, and has won awards.In addition, he also often personal piano concerts all over the world, enjoying high reputation in the world. 





In the principal's office before three o 'clock in the afternoon, the two masters with Headmaster Jiang has carried on the brief communication,Headmaster Jiang  welcomes them to our school to guide the teaching of music work, and hope they can discover music talents in our school.






First, Elio Orio introduces the general situation and characteristics of professional music college of Italian Adriatic.The school beautiful environment and strong artistic atmosphere let students present mind yearning.




Then, the two masters began to guide the teachers and students professionally.First, a few students played the piano,after each student to play out, Alberto Boischio gave a high evaluation.He said that our students’ enthusiasm is high and dared  to perform , this shows that our music teacher teaching level is very high.And, of course, he also pointed  out some faults, he thinks the playing emotional input of the students is not enough, has not been able to understand each creation intention and the story behind the song.





Then he demonstrated a tune to the student, his nimble fingers jumped on a black and white keys, body swayed with the rhythm, music sometimes sonorous agitation, and softer tactfully. After the song, all was silent, then applause.




Next, a beginner of violin girl came to play a song "the Butterfly Lovers", Elio Orio professor first affirmed her courage, he said that a beginner can reach this level is very great.He used the techniques of China and Europe technique to pull the period of "the Butterfly Lovers", and explained the difference of two kinds of techniques.Then, he used his 100 years of history of violin to play a European tunes the beauty of music is like sounds of nature, across our ears, and across our minds, intoxicated, meanwhile, we purified soul in an instant.




Elio Orio professor more pull the more input, more pull the more estrogen, Alberto Boischio professor infected and  played  the piano together with him . Two masters  played the music skillfully and great.All the teachers and students listened to the song carefully, completely forgot the passing of time, forgot his own existence.




After finishing the playing , many classmates and teachers worked with them, and asked them to make a master guidance technique.The master answered one by one, and  guided to teachers and students on the stage patiently and carefully.Two hours passed soon, the teachers and students felt the professional guidance will be very solid effective, let them enjoy the auditory feast at the same time also learned a lot of new professional knowledge.




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