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The World Famous Singer, Violinist, Professor of Pavia, Italy's National Institute of Music, DINU DO

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On April 11th,DINU DOINA, the world famous singer, violinist, professor of Pavia, Italy's National Institute of Music, came to our school to direct our teaching.





Dinu Doina graduated from Italy Bucarest Professional Music College in vocal music and violin. Then,She followed famous teachers for further education in Germany, Siena and Milan.She often gives touring performances in the grand theatre in marseille, Dijon and Lyon. She also won many intenational music awards  and are popular all over the world.

Besides,she perfomaced together with Luciano PavarottiSONDZUYINGHANHONG and other world famous singers.




A line of three people of  Prof. Dinu Doina arrived at our school on time at 3:30 p.m. April 11th.In the classroom, all the music class students and their teachers welcame them warmly. Some students who study Italian greeted them in Italian, and the professor also said hello in Chinese  to the teachers and students.




Prof. Dinu Doina first introduced the general situation of the National College of Music Pavia, and she welcame our students to their college for further study. Then, more than ten studentssang songs enthusiastically.Professor Dinu Doina conducted them one by one. She also spoke highly of them when the students sang well.Professor Dinu Doina also gave demonstration singing for the students . Whenever she demonstrated singing, all students kept silence and listened carefully. Her Beautiful sining shooked the teachers and students.





The music teachers of our school also went on the stage to sing songs. the profossor gave high evaluation to our teachers' professional qualities. At the same time, she put forward valuable opinions to our teachers' teaching. The instruction lasted three hours and the professor kept on working for three hours without a break.







After the instruction ,Prof. Dinu Doina presented her personal album to our school.The students and teachers took photos with Prof. Dinu Doina and were unwilling to leave.







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